Clash of Clans Update: New Builder O.T.T.O Explained!

Big Update: Sneak Peeks – June 2019 – Clash of Clans | – This update is one of the. The Builder Hall 9 unlcoks the new O.T.T.O and the Lava Launcher. meaning you can purchase the same Magic Time only 1 time every week.

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Summary O.T.T.O is a robot invented by the Master Builder. It is stationed in the O.T.T.O Hut. Once the O.T.T.O Hut is upgraded to level 5, it will allow O.T.T.O to replace the Master Builder as permanent builder in the Builder Base, and allow the Master Builder to travel between the Home.

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New version of Clash of Clans was released 18 june 2019. Download apk file. In the video they show us how the builder finished the work of creating a new home builder. Then he transfers his duties to the robot, where they showed us this Builder Hall 9.

New magic items. builder Potion – this Magic Item will speed up the progress of your Builders in the Home Village by 10x for 1 hour.; runes – these Magic Items will fill the storage of one of your 5 resources, Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Builder Base Gold, and Builder Base Elixir. Max capacity: 1 per resource type.

Clash of Clans is the most popular strategy game of the last decade, and it still outperforms its contemporaries and modern-day competitors. The game has the unique and engaging content which no one else is even near to which stands as the primary reason behind its success.

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