Godzilla post credit scene

Godzilla: King of the Monsters spends a good deal of time setting up the future of Legendary Pictures’ fledgling MonsterVerse. But while most of that is devoted to promoting the 2020 crossover, Godzilla vs. Kong, the post-credits scene reveals another tantalizing clue about where the franchise is headed. Specifically, how Ghidorah could return to menace the newly crowned King of the Monsters, and humanity.

Godzilla: King of the monsters post-credits scene gives clue to possible threat in Godzilla vs. Kong Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla film was the start of the MonsterVerse, and it brought a Godzilla. In the kong: skull island post-credit scene, when the cave painting of Mothra appears, two humanoid figures are visible beneath it, with their hands.

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 · We can tell you exactly what happens in the Kong: Skull Island post-credits scene, and what it all means. (Note: from this point on, there will be spoilers for the ending Kong: Skull Island. If.

Here, we see that the creature has prominent and deadly talons. Related: Godzilla: King of the Monsters Post-Credit Scene: What Is It and Why Is It Important? As anyone who watched the Godzilla 2.

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Godzilla and King Kong will duke it out, sure, but then they’ll have to fight together against something else.What the post-credits scene on "King of the Monsters" implies is that that.

The toothsome film universe officially began in 2014 with director Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla – a moody reboot which neatly. but mostly in the post-credits sequence which comes afterwards. By the.

In theory, King of Monsters is a direct sequel to that movie, but it’s really a sequel to the post-credits scene teased by another movie; the 2017 film Kong: Skull Island. The point? These new godzilla/kong monster movies are directly setting up the sequels in their post-credits scenes.

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Godzilla King of the Monsters Ending and Post-Credit Scene Revealed! What details did you miss from the final scene of the latest Godzilla (2019) movie, and how does it set up Godzilla vs Kong (2020)?