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 · More Heat Please–It’s Cold in my Apartment!. I think the maintenance regulation sets a minimum standard for all rental units in the province.. you could ask for an order requiring the landlord to regulate the temperature in the rental units so that the heat in the rental units is controllable by the tenants or that it does not exceed.

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This new law is to create certainty over the priority of a debt secured by a registered mortgage and to do away with the practice whereby banks would cause the borrower to make an outright transfer of title to the real estate to a nominee named by the banks for the duration of the financing, with title reverting back to borrower once the financing is repaid.

 · HOA RENTAL RESTRICTIONS VS. PROHIBITIONS – WHAT DOES CALIFORNIA LAW REGULATE?. do the terms of the California HOA rental laws kick in so that all owners are essentially grandfathered” ?. of the areas where this comes in to play is in associations where the owners are getting creative about renting their units short term, like vacation.

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 · As stated above, the new law applies to all rentals for a period of 31 days or less. Ordinary rentals, such as an annual lease or a tenancy-at-will are not covered. The new law applies regardless of whether the owner rents the property themselves, hires a rental agent to rent the property, or uses an online platform to facilitate the rental.

The analysis of short-term rental housing restrictions in this paper is provided by NAR under its Smart Growth program to help REALTORS® at the state and local level better understand the issues involved in these types of restrictions, and to tailor strategies, as appropriate, to address

 · A: Current planning regulations prohibit any rental of a single-family home, duplex, apartment/condo, live/work unit, or room for less than one week, based on the City’s definition of “Permanent Residential Activities”, which are defined as the occupancy of living accommodations on a weekly or longer basis, with none of the living units.

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The seller of a unit, or lot, is required by law to disclose all material defects in the property, including defects in the common areas, and defects in other units or lots if they affect the unit or lot being sold.

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