U.S. Near-Term Growth Is Going to Slow, Deutsche Bank’s Chadha Says

Binky Chadha Bloomberg. SEE ALSO: A Wall Street strategist says the next recession will be a lot like the 2001 collapse – here's why that.

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Analysts at Deutsche Bank suggest that in China, growth is set to slow moderately due to fiscal and monetary policy tightening and at the same time we need to keep a watch on inflation and.

Indeed, core inflation has been under 2 percent since the end of 2008; and except for some near-term transitory. in global economic growth, the economic turmoil in Europe and the fast-approaching U.

6 days ago. Binky Chadha, chief global strategist at Deutsche Bank, and Mark Connors, Credit Suisse global head of risk advisory, discuss the U.S. August.

It phased out most production of heavy trucks and transferred the rest to Volvo’s U.S. subsidiary, keeping only a minority interest. For the near term, at least. Prezelski of Deutsche Bank Capital.

Large U.S. companies adjust to the trade standoff with China with price. Chadha, chief U.S. equity and global strategist at Deutsche Bank.. but analysts say escalating tariffs could contribute to slower growth next year.. The terms arose at least a half-dozen times at about a quarter of the businesses.

May.22 — Binky Chadha, chief U.S. equity and global strategist at Deutsche Bank, examines how equity markets have reacted to U.S.-China trade tensions as he expects U.S. growth to slow.

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(Marketwatch) The U.S. stock market has left $5 trillion on the table as trade tensions over the past 17 months contributed to an effectively sideways trade, Deutsche Bank estimated on Friday. "While other factors also arguably played a role, the trade war has been key in preventing a recovery in global growth and keeping U.S. equities range.

“Yes, a lot is already priced in and the market is arguably due for a modest selloff,” said Deutsche Bank chief U.S. equity strategist Binky Chadha. scope for the risk rally to persist in the near.